Baseball star gives back via PokerToto HK

For years, the celebrity golf tournament has been a staple way for sports stars to raise money for charity, and give a little back.

Now, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cory Lidle has found a way to bring together his passion for poker, and give back to those less fortunate than him. Lidle, who led the National League in shutouts in 2004, has started a poker tournament. The Cory Lidle Celebrity Poker tournament will take place at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 13th. Proceeds from this $1,000 buy in event go to the Make a Wish Foundation, and toward the massive need in Southeast Asia to help the victims of the recent tsunami.

Many celebrities from the world of sportToto HK, television, and film will be on hand at the Hard Rock for this fun event. Participating celebrities include baseball players Eric Gagne, Eric Chavez, Bret Saberhagen and Randy Wolf. In addition, celebrities like William “The Fridge” Perry, former Laker Rick Fox, and Lou Diamond Phillips will attend.

Recently, I spoke with Lidle at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles about poker, charity, and the similarities and differences between being on the mound, and being on the button.

Pokernews: Where did the idea for the Cory Lidle Celebrity Poker Tournament come from?

Lidle: I came up with the idea around the all-star break last year. I had been to lots of celebrity golf tournaments, and this seemed like a really good option. Instead of four people per celebrity [like you would have in a charity golf tournament], you get nine people per celebrity, so it’s an optimum way to generate a lot of money.”

PN: How did you get involved with the Make a Wish Foundation?

Lidle: I got involved with the Make a Wish Foundation when Tim Hudson [Lidle’s teammate when both were with the Oakland A’s] had a golf tournament, and he had a couple Make a Wish kids there. When you see those kids, you get a new and different kind of appreciation for where this money goes.”

PN: I assume Las Vegas was your first choice of where to have the tournament?

Lidle: “Everyone’s always looking for an excuse to get to VegasToto HK, and I felt this was a good one. Also, I think it’s a good way for people to see we actually care more than just making money playing the game, and we give back to the community when we can”

PN: So, let’s talk about your game. How long have you been playing poker, and how often do you play?

Lidle: “I started playing a year ago. Right now, I’m playing about four days a week. Whether it’s an inexpensive tournament, or a $100 buy in no limit game, I stay cheap with it. I like the being at the table, and having the competition”

PN: With all the travel and waiting that comes with being a major league ballplayer, do you get a lot …

Poker Spy UK – A players guide to online poker playing – Judi Online24jam





For poker players, “Shuffle up and deal!” are some of the sweetest words in the English language. They signal the start of a poker tournament — America’s new craze, thanks to television.


“Certainly poker has been the rave of the country as the new pastime because of television,” said Mike Sexton, who co-anchors no-limit hold-’em tournaments for Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour telecasts.


“Because of the success of the tour, many more prominent business people are coming to play. More women and certainly more college-age kidsJudi Online24jam, they love the show and are starting to play. The success of the show has been good for the entire poker industry because it’s brought so many more players into the game.”


The number of WPT viewers has climbed from 790,000 in its premiere season last year to 1.5 million this year. On ESPN, 1.9 million viewers recently watched a replay of the 2003 World Series of Poker tournament.


Poker is also hot on Fox Sports, which carries World Series of Poker-sanctioned tourneys, and on Bravo, home of Celebrity Poker Showdown. Television executives are thrilled to find a television show that skews to a young (most viewers are 21-34), predominantly male (70 percent) audience.


The growing viewership has resulted in increased entries in poker tournaments, including online poker tourneys in which amateurs can Judi Online24jam participate for as little as $40. Record purses have resulted.


A record audience is expected this week (8 p.m. Wednesday, Travel Channel) as the WPT presents its 2004 tournament, with the winner taking home a record purse of $2.7 million. On July 6, ESPN will begin telecasts of last May’s World Series of Poker, in which the winner won a record $5 million.


It’s hard to believe that poker-watching has come so far. The magic hinges on viewers being able to see the concealed cards the Judi Online24jam players hold, courtesy of well-positioned lipstick cameras around the poker table.…

David Williams won $3.5 million finishing second in WSOP – Judi Online24jam




Last year, more than 800 people crammed into Binion’s to play in the main event at the World Series of Poker, a $10,000 no-limit hold ’em tournament simply called “The Big One.” This year, 2,576 wannabe champions entered the event (a byproduct of the poker craze/addiction that many have caught glimpses of on cable or Judi Online24jam read about). It was a lot to take in, and Williams wasn’t sure he was ready. He’d never played in a tournament half that size. Months before the WSOP, he won an online tourney that qualified him for a World Poker Tour event in Aruba. He and Brittany packed their bags and hopped a flight for what he hoped would be quality poker against quality competition. And it was. The bummer was that he lasted only a few hours before getting eliminated.


“That was disappointing because of the way I finished,” Williams says. “I don’t think I played badly, but I only played for, like, three hours. There wasn’t much to it.”


It didn’t affect his confidence so much as it made him realize how good and lucky you have to be. When he qualified for The Big One by winning an online tournament that offered the $10,000 WSOP entry fee as its prize, he resigned himself to playing without adding too much pressure. That was the plan, anyway.


When he arrived at Binion’s that first day, he had to wade through a sea of people just to get to his table. In addition to the thousands of players, there was a crush of spectators and friends and poker freaks who came to watch the spectacle. Security guards had to holler “player coming through” to part the masses. Williams and his buddy Noah Boeken, who was also in Vegas to play in the WSOP, remarked on the energy in the Judi Online24jam casino–a din saturated the air like humidity.


Williams was calm at the tables, fine as long as there was a dealer and cards in front of him and chips to win. The breaks between rounds were the killers. He had too much time to think about the enormity of it all. He’s usually a big eater, but during the WSOP he hardly ate–maybe half a sandwich or a few sips of soup each day. He slept less than six hours a night.





Promosi berjalan harian dan mulai pada 10 Agustus 2017 00:00:00 (GMT+8) sampai 16 Agustus 2017 23:59:59 (GMT+8). Promosi ini berlaku untuk seluruh anggota aktif M88

Tidak adan batasan untuk pembayaran maksimal.


Promosi ini berlaku untuk seluruh anggota aktif di Negara : China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia dan Kamboja.


Semua anggota M88 berhak Togel Singapore untuk mendapatkan 0.5% sampai dengan 1 % rebate berdasarkan jumlah total taruhan mereka di permainan slot “PLAYTECH” selama masa promosi berlangsung. Semua permainan casino yang lain dari SLOTS tidak berlaku untuk promosi ini.


Permainan Yang Tidak Termasuk:

Semua permainan non-slots, Live Kasino dan semua Progressive Slots di Playtech.


Tingkatan Total Taruhan di Togel Singapore Slot Per Minggu (Rp)

1.00% ≥ Rp 1,500,000,000

0.80% ≥ Rp 900,000,000

0.60% ≥ Rp 600,000,000

0.50% Rp 0 – Rp 599,999,999


Member hanya perlu meng-klik “Klaim Sekarang” untuk mengikuti promosi ini sebelum 16 Agustus 2017 23:59:59 (GMT+8).

Kami hanya akan memproses Cash Rebate yang memenuhi persyaratan.

Rebate akan disetorkan ke dompet utama anggota M88 dalam waktu 5 hari kerja

Semua taruhan VOID tidak memenuhi syarat untuk slot kasino game rebate dan / atau termasuk dalam persyaratan rollover .

Promosi ini tidak dapat dikombinasikan dengan promosi deposit bonus yang ada. Namun, persyaratan rollover untuk klaim Togel Singapore deposit bonus akan dipotong dari jumlah yang dipertaruhkan.



Rubah4d launches new Real-Time TableFinder delivering instant real time poker action

Rubah4d is one of the up and coming sites that poker players all over the globe have to be on the look out for. This site has launched a groundbreaking innovation called the Real-Time TableFinder.

This amazing new bit of gaming technology at Rubah4d is making its way through the poker circles and is fast gaining popularity among the poker playing crowd of today. The Real-Time TableFinder is an incredible and remarkably easy-to-use one of a kind search engine that allows poker players to immediately access real time poker games and action in an instant or a click of a button. What’s more is that the Real time Table Finder can be custom designed by the simple selection of suggested options. Thus the Real-Time TableFinder can totally cater to the specific need of poker players by giving hem action from al the best online poker rooms existing on the web today.

PokerListings .com has completely changed the perception of poker players in regards to their approach to online poker with the launch of its new Real-Time TableFinder. The website which claims to be the world’s best online poker guide at Rubah4d has now become a pioneer in its introduction of the new search engine.

So the big question that naturally arises is how does this new wonder of poker technology work? The answer is very efficiently.

All that a poker player has to do is merely select their type of ideal game preferences and specifications into the easy-to-use and fast working Real-Time TableFinder. The search engine is customizable and Rubah4d also has an advanced search option for a more a precise and sharply honed search for real time poker games.

The greatest advantage of the Real-Time TableFinder is that it is an excellent tool for online poker as it helps a player to know in greater detail exactly what type of game he or she is joining and what are the minimum limits and bets. This information will help guide players and will give them an idea if their wallets and purses can take the strain of that particular game.

John Wayne Online Pengeluaran hk Slot by Playtech



After the Marilyn Monroe online slot game has proven to be success, Playtech decided to launch a new game Pengeluaran hk with another legend of Hollywood. This will be John Wayne, the person who is the legend of Hollywood Westerns films. The game’s setting is a street of Western town. And each detail of the John Wayne slot contributes to the atmosphere, like the payline buttons which are represented as bullets.


John Wayne’s full length color image is the wild symbol. Also the jackpot line payout will be 5 000 coins. In case 2 or more Pengeluaran hk wild symbol appear left to right on an active payline, they will start to pay out. The 3 picturesque close ups from John Wayne’s earlier movies will be of great interest to his fans. Although they pay somewhat less than the wild symbol. The red scarf, cowboy boots and Wayne’s trade mark hat are other thematic symbols in the game. Card icons of high value were crafted in the way that suits the theme.


People used to know John Wayne as Duke. According to Wayne the point is that he had delivered newspapers with his dog called Duke and this name rubbed off on him. So there is no surprise that Playtech decided to create the Duke’s Badge Feature. This feature can be triggered if 3 or more Duke’s Badges appear anywhere on the reels within the main game. The player will have to choose any of the badges in order to win a random cash prize. The more badges in the trigger, the higher Pengeluaran hk will be the prize. Also the badges give four to eight times the total bet. And 4 badges give twenty to thirty times the total bet. And eighty to one hundred and twenty times the total bet will be awarded if 5 badges appear.


The John Wayne’s Ranch Bonus is this Playtech online slot game’s highlight. The plaque with a steer head id the bonus symbol. In case it appears anywhere on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels at the same time within the main game, it will activate the John Wayne’s Ranch Bonus feature. Three free spins and a multiplier of x1 is the initial award. The number of cans that can be hit by the player is shown in the left corner of the screen. A player gets unlimited bullets to hit those. And if the can is hit, it may lead to some good benefits. Like that the player can win more free Pengeluaran hk spins. It can enhance the multiplier by x1. There can be a chance to hit 3 more cans, which can be up to 2 times in one bonus round. The retrigger symbol called ‘More Free Games’ can be added to reel three within the free spins, which will award 4 free spins on top. A player can get a mystery extra scatter symbol or a mystery extra wild symbol during the free …

Bagaimana dengan bermain roulette Pengeluaran hk online?


Permainan roulette online adalah salah satu permainan meja paling populer di dunia. Jika Anda mencari permainan kasino yang memiliki aturan sederhana dan ingin berkorban di tepi rumah, Anda telah memilih permainan yang tepat.


Rolet online, apa yang memotivasi Anda untuk memainkannya? Ada sejumlah alasan mengapa Anda harus bermain roulette online saat bermain di kasino online; beberapa dari alasan ini bagus, yang lainnya tidak. Tetapi sebelum Anda mulai bermain roulette online, sebaiknya Anda membiasakan diri dengan berbagai keuntungan yang akan membuat Anda memilih roulette online daripada permainan kasino lainnya.


Sejujurnya, roulette online adalah Pengeluaran hk permainan yang sangat menarik dan mengasyikkan, dan mayoritas pemain yang berpartisipasi di dalamnya sangat menikmati permainan ini.Meskipun belum ada kepastian bahwa Anda akan menjadi salah satu pemain yang menyukai permainan roulette online. , ada kemungkinan besar Anda akan seperti itu.


Tetapi jelas, sebelum Anda mulai bermain roulette online, Anda perlu memastikan bahwa Anda memahami alasan mengapa itu adalah ide yang bagus. Alasan pertama adalah bahwa roulette online bergerak cepat, penuh aksi, dan kegembiraan. Nyatanya, ketegangan yang terjadi saat Anda memutar roda tak bisa dibandingkan, Pengeluaran hk bisa dibilang. Kegembiraan yang pasti akan Anda rasakan akan berlipat ganda, tiga kali lipat atau bahkan lebih terutama ketika bola benar-benar mendarat di nomor Anda, deru kemenangan sangat besar.


Jadi agar seseorang tetap kecanduan permainan roulette online, mereka harus meraih kemenangan yang luar biasa. Jika kemenangan emas menghampiri Anda, Anda tidak akan pernah bisa berhenti bermain roulette online ini.


Alasan lain bermain roulette online adalah Anda bisa memenangkan banyak uang, terutama jika Anda berlatih dan menjadi sangat ahli dalam keterampilan judi. Apakah itu harus benar-benar menarik? Dan itu juga sangat mungkin. Ini tidak berarti Anda akan menang setiap kali Anda bermain, tetapi peluang memenangkan kemenangan yang bagus jauh lebih baik dalam jangka panjang daripada permainan lain di kasino.


Terakhir, jangan lupa bahwa permainan roulette online itu mudah untuk dimainkan dan lugas, ini adalah salah satu permainan yang tidak bisa Anda hentikan, seperti ‘bat’ n ‘ball’ atau ‘tetris’. Ini pasti salah satu poin kunci yang akan menarik pemain ke permainan roulette online, ini sama sekali berbeda dari Poker, di mana Anda harus belajar banyak strategi dan Anda berisiko kehilangan banyak dalam beberapa bulan pertama permainan, dengan roulette online Anda dapat langsung memulai dan Anda akan sering menemukan bahwa Anda bermain melawan banyak pemain dengan kaliber yang sama.


Tidak lama kemudian, magang melakukan Pengeluaran hk perjalanan dalam roulette online, setelah Anda menguasai dasar-dasar taruhan, Anda akan mulai melihat keuntungan dari uang Anda.

Sekarang Anda pasti harus mengerti mengapa roulette online adalah permainan yang mengasyikkan, jadi perdalam pengetahuan Anda tentang roulette online sebelum Anda pergi ke kasino online dan memanfaatkan perangkat lunak latihan mereka, tingkatkan permainan Anda sedikit sebelumnya.untuk memulai roulette online nyata.

How can a person use a promo code in online gambling?



As we all know about the playing of gambling, and apart from that, how gambling is providing us benefits from the extended period. Moving forward, if you know about the gambling of online platforms, then you aware of the promo codes which is provided by the various online platforms.


Even after learning about the promo codes, most individuals are confused about how they can redeem the money by using the promo codes. So for them, there are some easy steps y which they can easily get to know how to use promo code. Apart from that, there is a promo code that people love because it provides plenty of benefits to them, and that promo code is named promo code.


As mentioned above, this is the fascinating promo code, which is provided by the online platform of gambling, and every individual should use it to get exciting and innovative bonuses. Now, if we talk about the steps to use the promo code, then we will get to know about the steps in the upcoming paragraphs.


Various steps to use the promo code precisely:-

  • First of all, if you are playing gambling on a specific platform, you will get the bonus once you sign up on that platform, and even you do not get it at the time of sign up, the platform will send you the promo code on your mail-id.


  • Once you get the promo code, then it is so easy to redeem that promo code. First, you need to know what type of bonus you will get from this promo code; then, you need to fill the promo code in the platform’s given space.


  • Remember that you need to accurately fill the promo code because the wrong promo code will give you nothing. So always check the promo code twice after you fill it in the box.


  • If you find that you filled the promo code right, then you need to click on the button named redeem to get the exciting bonus.


  • Once you click the redeem button, then you will get instant notification of getting a bonus in your games account.



The final saying 


This is how you can get the promo code’s bonus by following the above mentioned easy steps, so if you have the promo code, then go and do the needful task to get an exciting bonus.



Why Should You Become A Bookie? – Here Are Some Benefits


As long as people are there, there will sport and people will place bets on that. And with that, there will be a need for the bookie also where you will place the bets; with the advancement in technology, people are now placing bets online on betting sites which is also a bookie. You can even get so many benefits online, such as Mybookie promo codes, which will allow you to place the bets at a low limit and may get some other benefits.

A bookie is a person who is also known as the bookmaker; it is a business that takes the bets from the people and pays outs to the people who win the bet. Starting the business as a bookie may or may not be legal in some countries, but the thing which insists people to become a bookie is because they want to earn higher profits. As it has a wide range of customers and you need to take the bets from them and give to those only who wins which is profitable for you.

Benefits of becoming a bookie

A bookie has their own value, but with the time and the advancement in technology, they also experience so many benefits.

Some of those points are mentioned in the following points-

  • One of the main benefits that you can experience is that becoming a bookie is so easy; you do not require any degree or something—all you need to have some knowledge of the betting field. You can even start a business online by making your own websites.
  • If you are a bookie, you do not have to go to people because they will come to you to place them. This is the type of business that attracts the customer, but you need to have some contacts and convincing power so that the customer will recommend to other people too by providing them Mybookie promo codes.
  • There is not special or particular skill is required; if you want to become a bookie, then all you need have the knowledge about the things that a bookie has to do.
  • With the advancement and the arrival of the internet, becoming a bookie does not involve much cost. It is the cheapest an efficient business.


A person may conclude that becoming a bookie can be advantageous and can experience some benefits from the above points. It will also increase their value and can make more contacts with the people.


In the Malta Gambling Authority data hk


For those nations with their government, a great guideline would be to assess whether the operator holds a license in the Malta Gambling Authority, the Government of Gibraltar, or the United Kingdom Gambling Association (UKGC). Players wager on the impact of these rolls of a set dice, simple and great to play with. In its online variant, you can play both multiplayer and single variants. That is the reason why people exist in virtual reality to support our clients with pleasure. Casino games online are enjoyable and enjoyable. You might even have a look at the provider’s gaming applications to tell if they’re legit potentially. To acquire simpler money is the true soul of gambling. Discover our ideal games; you can make big cash by picking our alluring games. Many casinos are available here.

Put your bets and let everything roll onto the dark and crimson. Every one of the very best internet casino gambling sites is varied in its demonstration of gambling. Ahead of the participant decides to check it out, it’s ideal to understand where to place the constraints. Following the registration, the participant must mention and affirm that the credit or the debit card amount and details. Since a number of you’d understand data hk, every poker player has their very own gaming needs and needs, which can be and constantly makes with online poker chances as you would have to stick to the purchase values and gambling values of this table. These are brought clients toward undoubting the match is easily played with. Craps: Much like other casino games, which rely on blessed, and that’s what makes it exciting a match. The Mint Casino South end was previously Spielers Casino and Waterfront Casino Club and has been refurbished in 2007.

Here, we’re pleased to provide you Online Casino Malaysia. These are just two areas that might be deal-breakers in the long run. Not just the freshers but also the present clients are granted special privileges that could consist of particular valuable schemes and assorted promotional supplies. Many vouchers are provided by the casinos to pull the new players into the websites in the shape of buddy bonuses and referrals. Any significant casino is likely to let its players the chance to deposit, bet and draw utilizing the GBP money choice. There’s not any stepping up into a cage, providing the cashier woman a couple of hundred dollars, becoming your chips going to the table. With many high excellent online casinos on the market, we feel there is an excellent casino to suit each participant’s needs. Casinos have always been areas of color games. It approved the issue of permits for casinos in Atlantic City that let them run online poker and internet casino websites.



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