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CHUCK – Why should I gamble at Star Online Casino?

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A lot of players have concerns about the fairness of online casinos. How do you ensure your games are fair and honest?

First and foremost is the fact that the odds on our games are identical to those found in Vegas. This means that customers can always be assured that they’re getting a fair crack at the tables, and it’s important to us to ensure that this policy is strictly enforced. We take pride in the fact that at the Star, our games are as generous, and sometimes more so, than those found in physical casinos.

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We’ve found that our most popular attraction is our selection of exciting — and, it must be noted, very generous — slot machines. Closely following in popularity is blackjack (where one player recently won over $15,000 in a single session!), with baccarat, roulette, and craps also being quite popular.

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Customer service is extremely important. Can you tell us a bit about your customer service and support policies?

Customer satisfaction is the single most important thing to us here at the 789 Online Casino. We have a large, well-trained staff of Customer Support Representatives …

Butterbean to Become Pragmatic Golden Palace Billboard

NORFOLK, Va., July 26 /PRNewswire/ — Since the first henna tattoo appeared on the back on Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins during his title match against Felix “Tito” Trinidad on September 29, 2001, the innovative campaign has snowballed into a marketing phenomenon.

Now the casino’s artist will really earn her pay as she tattoos plus-size boxer Eric “Butterbean” Esch (35) for his fight against Larry Holmes (52) on Saturday 27, 2002 at the Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA. Evidently believes that size indeed does matter. As Esch has by far the largest real estate available in the boxing community, it was only a matter of time before rented the space.

Holmes will be coming out of retirement for the second time to fight Esch whom he refers to in his autobiography as a “fat slob impersonating a fighter.” Holmes says the comment was added by his co-author and that anyone willing to get into the ring is worthy of his respect.

Holmes has a career record of 68-6 with 44 knockouts. He has only been knocked out once in his career, by Mike Tyson in 1988. Esch has a 63-2 record with 48 knockouts.

Appearing on the undercard is Jacqui Frazier-Lyde, daughter of former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier, against Heidi Hartmann. and World Poker Tour Team for Televised Event

KAHNAWAKE, Canada, July 30 /PRNewswire/ —, the premier online poker site, has joined The World Poker Tour to help bring poker to a mainstream television audience. Played by over 50 million Americans, the nation’s most popular card game is poised to become the next major mainstream sport on television. The World Poker Tour will be the first regularly scheduled televised series of poker events in history, with production values equivalent to network sports programming. The season will consist of thirteen nationally televised poker events filmed in casinos around the world, from Los Angeles to Paris, where finalists compete for multi-million dollar prize pools.

As a charter member of The World Poker Tour, UltimateBet is hosting a unique event by combining online and land-based play to create a distinctive poker experience. Players will first qualify online at UltimateBet for one of 86 free trips to Aruba for their Ultimate Poker Classic’s $100,000 main event, which will be played and filmed for national television. Several world-class poker players have also accepted UltimateBet’s invitation to play in the UltimateBet Pro Celebrity Invitational in Aruba. The Pragmatic winner of the Pro Invitational will play the winner of the Ultimate Poker Classic $100,000 main event, which will pit amateur vs. professional in a situation most amateur poker players will only dream about: going heads up against one of the world’s best!

“We are extremely pleased to have join us as one of our Charter Member events,” said Steve Lipscomb, CEO of the World Poker Tour. “With their unique David and Goliath format pitting the little player against the pros, UltimateBet’s tournament provides an exciting and dramatic twist for our television audience.”…

George’s Situs Judi QQ Premiership Predictions

The big match in the Premier League this weekend is at The Emirates where Chelsea will attempt another smash and grab and we predict that Mourinho’s mastery of Wenger will continue with a narrow 0-1 win.


At the bottom Burnley face Leicester is a real 6-pointer while Hull have a difficult fixture at Crystal Palace. Manchester City should be too strong at home for Situs Judi QQ Cup finalists Villa.


Saturday, 25 April 2015


Southampton 1 v Tottenham 1

Burnley 1 v Leicester 2

Crystal Palace 1 v Hull 0

Newcastle 1 v Swansea 1

QPR 2 v West Ham 1

Stoke 2 v Sunderland 0

West Brom 0 v Liverpool 2

Manchester City 3 v Aston Villa 0


Sunday, 26 April 2015


Everton 2 v Manchester United 2

Arsenal 0 v Chelsea 1


Champions League – Spanish Top Guns 11/8 To Meet In Berlin


Barcelona and Real Madrid have been kept apart and the Spanish giants are 11/8 to meet in Berlin in a Champions League final that could take your breath away.

Barcelona failed to score against Munich over the two legs at the same stage in 2013, and with the added ingredient of a return for Pep Guardiola, bet365 have a market on how many the Catalans score over 180 minutes.

Bayern Munich landed the treble that season and Guardiola’s current side are 9/2 to repeat that feat, whilst his old team can be backed at 7/2 to finish with three trophies with bet365.


2014/15 Champions League Outright


Barcelona 2/1 Real Madrid 2/1

Bayern Munich 5/2 Juventus 15/2



Real Madrid & Barcelona 11/8 Bayern Munich & Real Madrid 15/8

Barcelona & Juventus 9/2 Bayern Munich & Juventus 6/1

To Reach Final


Real Madrid 4/11 Juventus 21/10

Barcelona 8/11 Bayern Munich 11/10

Barcelona v Bayern Munich – Semi Final


Combined Barcelona Goals – Both Legs (Extra Time & Pens don’t count)

0: 12/1 1: 4/1 2: 11/4 3: 3/1

4+: 5/2

2014/15 Team Outright Wins


Barcelona to win Primera Liga, CdR & Champs League 7/2

Bayern Munich to win Bundesliga, DFB Pokal & Champs League 9/2



Togel Hongkong Bookies still a safe bet as web threat falls flat

IF their claims of a few years back were to be believed, Britain’s major bookmaking chains were facing the abyss from the emergence of online betting exchanges.


These facilities, such as Betfair and Betdaq, essentially removed the bookmaker’s role, swapping it with a system where one punter matched a bet offered by another hopeful.


A 16 per cent increase in William Hill’s 2004 pre-tax earnings and a 28 per cent jump in income at Hilton’s Ladbrokes chain to £232 million and £273.4m respectively seem to suggest that Britain’s two biggest bookies businesses called it wrong.


Throw in a £22m profit at Paddy Power – Ireland’s biggest bookmaking firm – coupled with its 16th consecutive year of turnover growth and you get a clear picture of how much money punters are handing over to the bookies.


However, all seem to claim that they suffered last year at the hands of apparently lucky punters, who had put their money on well-backed equine favourites or were betting on football teams like Celtic, Rangers, Chelsea and Manchester United, who were on decent winning runs.


Despite such rotten luck on their part, the Togel Hongkong bookmaking groups still see growth in the market, so much so that William Hill and Paddy Power are looking to open more high street outlets in Britain. David Harding, chief executive at William Hill, Britain’s second-biggest bookmaking firm, says: “I think we could buy another 600,” adding that he was holding talks with “a number of smaller operators”.


Meanwhile, Paddy Power chief executive John O’Reilly says he is looking to boost his group’s presence in Britain from 31 to 50 outlets by the end of the year.


There is method in the apparent madness. While traditional retail betting in high street shops may have plateaued, it’s the rise of other forms of betting, namely online poker and casino sites and Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) in shops, that are fuelling profitability.


But others in the industry think that is not enough and Britain’s bookmakers need to start thinking on a global level.


Mr O’Reilly says Dublin-based Paddy Power, with 143 shops in Ireland, enjoyed an “outstanding” performance from its online division in 2004. “While all strands of the business performed well, I am particularly pleased the online business has come of age,” he adds.


HILTON’s chairman, Sir Ian Robinson, was similarly pleased with his group’s haul from internet gambling, where profits were up 50 per cent to £21.3m, fuelled by the success of Ladbrokes’ poker website.


“The increasing profitability of Ladbrokes is just reward for its innovative and professional approach to the betting and gaming business,” he says.


Mr Harding says William Hill, which has 1606 shops across Britain, finished the year with 5573 FOBTs in its shops, adding that the company will continue to “optimise numbers, siting and product”.


Over the year, he says the company made a net profit of £370 per week per machine. …


In hold’em, players receive two downcards as their personal hand (holecards), after which there is a round of betting. Three board cards are turned simultaneously (called the flop) and another round of betting occurs. The next two board cards are turned one at a time, with a round of betting after each card. The board cards are community cards, and a player can use any five-card combination from among the board and personal cards. A player can even use all of the board cards and no personal cards to form a hand (“play the board”). A dealer button is used. The usual structure is to use two blinds, but it is possible to play the game with one blind, multiple blinds, an ante, or combination of blinds plus an ante.


Rounds of Betting

  1. Opening deal – Each player is dealt two cards face down, which are known as hole cards or pocket cards.


Texas Holdem Card Texas Holdem Card


  1. First round of betting – Starting with the player to the left of the big blind, each player can call the big blind, raise, or fold. The big blind has the option to raise an otherwise unraised pot.


  1. The flop – The dealer burns a card, and then deals three community cards face up. The first three cards are referred to as the flop, while all of the community cards are collectively called the board.


The Flop

Texas Holdem Three of Hearts Texas Holdem Jack of Spades Texas Holdem Nine of Clubs


  1. Second round of betting – Starting with the player to the left of the dealer button, each player can check or bet. Once a bet has been made, each player can raise, call, or fold.


  1. The turn – The dealer burns another card, and then adds a fourth card face-up to the community cards. This fourth card is known as the turn card, or fourth street.


The Flop The Turn

Texas Holdem Three of Hearts Texas Holdem Jack of Spades Texas Holdem Nine of Clubs

Texas Holdem King of Diamonds



  1. Third round of betting – It follows the same format as the second round, but the size of the bets have usually doubled in limit games.


  1. The river – The dealer burns another card, and then adds a fifth and final card to the community cards. This fifth card is known as the river card, or fifth street.


The Flop The Turn The River

Texas Holdem Three of Hearts Texas Holdem Jack of Spades Texas Holdem Nine of Clubs

Texas Holdem King of Diamonds

Texas Holdem Ace of Hearts

  1. Final round of betting – It follows the same format as the second and third rounds.


  1. The showdown – Using the best five-card combination of their hole cards and the community cards, the remaining players show their hands, with the bettor or last raiser showing first. The highest five-card hand wins the pot. (In case of a

Shunsuke Nakamura makes Data HK triumphant J. League return



It had all the hallmarks of a classic – a local derby, a big crowd – and all that Saturday’s clash between Yokohama F. Marinos and Shonan Bellmare lacked was a dominant display from Shunsuke Nakamura.


The returning hero was cheered on by 32,228 fans who turned out to witness his Nissan Stadium homecoming, but the Japan international looked off the pace as Marinos swept aside promoted Shonan Bellmare 3-0.


Nakamura received a predictably warm welcome from the Tricolore faithful, and the prodigal son laid on the first goal as his corner was headed home by powerful defender Yuzo Kurihara.


The visitor’s overworked goalkeeper Yosuke Data HK Nozawa was then forced to turn away an accurate free-kick from the former Reggina, Celtic and Espanyol midfielder, but it wasn’t until the hour mark that Marinos doubled their lead through highly-rated young striker Kazuma Watanabe.


A tiring Nakamura made way for substitute Kenta Kano with six minutes remaining, and the diminutive Kano added a late third for the hosts as he drilled home from distance in the final minute of play.


But the match was all about Shunsuke Nakamura, and his return overshadowed a first ever win as coach for former Marinos attacking midfielder Kazushi Kimura.


Nakamura is just one of a number of high-profile stars to have returned from Europe, but with Junichi Inamoto and Shinji Ono having already made their debuts for Kawasaki Frontale and Shimizu S-Pulse respectively, all eyes were on the Marinos talisman as he made his first appearance in the J. League since 2002.


Referee faces suspension following spot-kick blunder

Referee Takuto Okabe faces a two-match suspension after he allowed Sanfrecce Hiroshima’s disputed third-minute penalty against Shimizu S-Pulse to stand.


The hosts were awarded the penalty in the Round 1 clash after visiting goalkeeper Yohei Nishibe hauled down Yojiro Takahagi inside the area.


Defender Tomoaki Makino placed the ball on the spot and shaped up to take the kick, only for captain Hisato Sato to race out out of a line of players and surprise Nishibe by stroking the ball home from twelve yards.


The Japan Football Association has admitted that the rehearsed move was illegal, with Makino originally identifing himself as the designated spot-kick taker.


The match finished in a 1-1 draw, and Makino and Sato are expected to escape punishment for their unsportsmanlike conduct.


Referee Okabe may not be so fortunate, with the hapless match official now expected to miss two games for his blunder.



Challenges await in AFC Champions Togel League



The draw for the group stage of the 2009 AFC Champions League has thrown up some tough challenges for Japanese clubs.


The opening stages of the Champions League are split into regionalised West Asian and East Asian groups, and Nagoya Grampus will have a tough time of things when they make their debut in the competition.


Dragan Stojkovic’s side have been drawn in Group E alongside A-League champions Newcastle Jets, Korean outfit Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i and passionately supported Chinese club Beijing Guoan.


In Group F defending Asian champions Togel Gamba Osaka face a similarly tough task when they come up against K-League runners-up FC Seoul, Chinese giants Shandong Luneng and Sumatra-based Indonesian outfit Sriwijaya FC.


There’s a mouth-watering clash of the giants in Group G, where current J. League champions Kashima Antlers will face off against Korean superclub Suwon Bluewings, with Chinese side Shanghai Shenhua also in the mix.


The final place in Group G will go to the winner of a play-off featuring Thai club Provincial Electricity Authority, Singapore Armed Forces and Indonesian side PSMS Medan, with the fixtures taking place in late February.


Kawasaki Frontale will fancy their chances of making it out of Group H, where they face Australian side Central Coast Mariners, Korean FA Cup winners Pohang Steelers and Chinese club Tianjin Teda.


The group winners and runners-up will both advance to the Round of 16, with the tournament kicking off on March 10.


The full draw is as follows:


Group A: Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia), Bunyodkor (Uzbekistan), Al Ahli (United Arab Emirates), Saba Battery (Iran).


Group B: Persepolis (Iran), Al Shabab (Saudi Arabia), Al Gharafa (Qatar), To Be Confirmed


Group C: Al Jazira (UAE), Esteghlal (IR Iran), Al Ittihad (Saudi Arabia), Umm Salal (Qatar).


Group D: Pakhtakor (Uzbekistan), Al Shabab (UAE), Sepahan (Iran), Al Ettifaq (Saudi Arabia)


Group E: Ulsan Hyundai (Korea Republic), Newcastle Jets (Australia), Beijing Guoan (China), Nagoya Grampus (Japan)


Group F: Gamba Osaka (Japan), FC Seoul (Korea Republic), Sriwijaya (Indonesia), Shandong Luneng (China)


Group G: Shanghai Shenhua (China), Kashima Antlers (Japan), Suwon Bluewings (Korea Republic), To Be Confirmed


Group H: Central Coast Mariners (Australia), Tianjin Teda (China), Kawasaki Frontale (Japan), Pohang Steelers (Korea).


The usually reserved Moore was moved to rubbish Bleiberg’s comments and said he knew for certain the former Roar boss had spoken to team-mates. Minniecon’s subsequent move suggests Moore was telling the truth.


Palmer and Bleiberg’s continued boastful comments seem set to make the Gold Coast the team most rival sides will take aim at when the new season kicks off this coming August.


They previously announced the signings of Wellington’s prolific striker Shane Smeltz and Newcastle’s Adam Griffiths, plunging those clubs’ playoff challenges into crisis.


Another three currently contracted A-League players have made the similar journey to the tourist strip.


Serie A Calcio 2011-2012 Season Togel Preview



With the threat of industrial action on the part of the playing staff in Italy now averted, Serie A returns with AC Milan v Lazio at Molino Dorino. What’s the betting Milan can repeat?


Let’s look at the teams one by one.


Atalanta look like they will come out in a 4-4-2 with a strengthened defence. Andrea Masiello has exchanged the sunny climes of Bari for the chilly foothills of the Alps.


Bologna are likely to utilize the Christmas tree with Togel Di Vaio the angel at its peak. But will the formation lead to the lack of width that Milan discovered that they had two seasons ago? While Milan brought in Beckham to solve the problem, in my view it’s rather unlikely he will be rushing over from LA to help the Bolognesi.


Cagliari, under Donadoni’s watchful eye, may use Nene and newly-acquired El Kabir as two wide front men with Cossu breaking through the centre. With the dangerous David Suazo brought in from Inter they should be able to avoid relegation.


Catania have Montella as coach now, but have strangely unloaded Schelotto to Atalanta. The formation seems unclear – a lop-sided 4-4-2, perhaps. They might be heading even farther south – to the reaches of Serie B.


Cesena will place new boy Mutu in front of goal hoping € 5m Eder can help him in the scoring department.


Chievo have bought Perparim Hetemaj from Brescia hoping the Finn can finish like he did with his controlled volley against Roma. Does Jokic have what it takes on the left of midfield to help Pellissier?


Fiorentina’s 12-goal hero Gilardino will be fed by Kharja, 26 year-old Andrea Lazzari (from Cagliari) and Montolivo, who stays in Florence (it’s amazing that, despite years of his being often the best player on the park, it’s only recently that bigger clubs have been taking serious interest in him).


Genoa have made an effort to improve their “goals against” column by bringing in the experienced Sebastian Frey, 31, from Fiorentina. The addition of Birsa (Auxerre), Pratto and Seymour (U. Catolica) provides evidence that Genoa plan to do more than merely survive this time.


Internazionale di Milano have managed to retain Wesley Schneijder (to Manchester United’s detriment). So allenatore Gasperini has kept his defence and midfield intact. Up front, the decision to unload Samuel Eto’o seems odd indeed: the mobility of the attack may well be impaired. How long will it take Ricky Alvarez to adapt to the tiny spaces afforded by Italian defences, compared with the wide grasslands found in Argentina? But then they’ve now got Diego Forlan .. South American Champion as well as the best player in the 2010 World Cup.


Juventus, the creaky Old Lady, is going to be the most interesting team to watch this season, I predict. The fans (perhaps forgetting that he can land a ball on a one euro coin from fifty metres)

are already …

Catcalls continue for Togel Hongkong embattled Okada



If Japan coach Takeshi Okada wanted a tough run out for his players at the fourth East Asian championships in Tokyo, he’s got it.


As the jeers rained down on the Samurai Blue from all quarters of Ajinomoto Stadium following their scoreless draw with China last Saturday, Okada could have been forgiven for cracking a wry smile.


Japan’s friendly schedule in the build-up to the 2010 World Cup finals has been blasted by those who claim that a lack of genuinely competitive fixtures continues to hamper the national team.


However, there’s no lack of competition at the four-team East Asian championships – although the hosts will be expected to hammer Hong Kong at the National Stadium on Thursday.


Shorn of their overseas stars – coach Okada Togel Hongkong selected an entirely local-based squad for the tournament – last weekend Japan found themselves unable to breach Yang Zhi’s goal in front of a partisan Tokyo crowd.


Things would have been even worse had veteran goalkeeper Seigo Narazaki not saved Yang Hao’s weak penalty attempt with eight minutes remaining.


The 0-0 stalemate was the second in a matter of days, after Japan turned in an insipid display in a scoreless draw with Venezuela in friendly in Oita on February 2.


Now the Samurai Blue turn their attentions to a Hong Kong side that was thrashed 5-0 by Korea Republic in their opening match, with coach Okada no doubt hoping that his strikers can rediscover their goal scoring form against the South-East Asian minnows.


Despite claiming that his team are capable of reaching the semi-finals in South Africa, Okada remains a largely unloved figure in his home country.


His blustering predictions belie frustratingly cautious tactics that have left fans despairing for a consistent goal scorer who can finish off Japan’s often intricate build-up play.


Unless Okada unveils a regular goal scorer, Japan could be on the first plane home from South Africa rather than troubling the big guns in the knock-out stage.


The clash with Hong Kong represents the first step in rehabilitating Okada’s fading image, however a much tougher test awaits.


On Sunday the hosts meet arch-rivals Korea Republic in a Valentine’s Day blockbuster, and more catcalls await should Japan fail to win – and win convincingly – against their bitter East Asian foes.


UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifying Draw


Group A: Germany, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan

Group B: Russia, Slovakia, Eire, Macedonia, Armenia, Andorra

Group C: Italy, Serbia, N.Ireland, Slovenia, Estonia, Faroe Islands

Group D: France, Romania, Bosnia-Hrzg., Belarus, Albania, Luxembourg

Group E: Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Moldova, San Marino

Group F: Croatia, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Georgia, Malta

Group G: England, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Wales, Montenegro

Group H: Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Cyprus, Iceland

Group I: Spain, Czech Rep., Scotland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein


The nine group winners and best runner-up qualify automatically. The eight remaining second-place teams play-off to decide the final four qualifiers. Ties take place …

Qatar Stars Toto Hk League – Week 25



Qatar Stars League’s reigning champions Al Gharafa are likely to retain their title this season as well. With just two rounds left, they are six points clear at the top of the League table. The team has peaked at the right time and their 3-0 win over Al Khor should help Brazilian coach Marcos Paqueta heave a huge sigh of relief.


Al Rayyan and Al Sadd, who two weeks earlier posed a serious threat to Al Gharafa’s title hopes, share 48 points each. However Al Sadd, who received a boost through the return of their injured Ecuadorian striker Carlos Tenorio, are ahead on better goal difference.


Umm Salal, ever since their promotion to the first Division two seasons ago, have been unpredictable. Last season, they emerged surprise champions in the Emir’s Cup, thus assuring themselves of a place in the Asian Football Confederation’s Champions League. They put up a commanding display against Al Rayyan, beating them with a strong 3-1 display. Bahrain international Ala Hubail, with two goals, did the star turn for them.


Al Rayyan, trained by Paulo Autouri de Mello who once headed the Peru national team, sorely lacked a few good players. Defensive problems have always plagued them and their game against Umm Salal was no different. They started the season in grand style, but failed to sustain the momentum. Al Rayyan’s think-tanks need to work overtime to put the team back on track in time for the Heir Apparent’s and Emir’s Cup competitions.


Al Sailiya’s hopes of an upset away draw were Toto Hk dashed when Al Sadd’s Carlos Tenorio hit an injury time goal to snatch victory. The Ecuadorian, who played in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, had recently returned from a career-threatening injury. Al Sailiya tool a shock lead in the 42nd minute through Cameroonian Emmanuel Eifa before Al Sadd’s Ebrahim Majed equalised in the 57th.


Qatar Sports Club are well on course to finish fourth in the League so as to ensure a place in the Heir Apparent’s Cup competition. Only the top-four teams from the Qatar Stars League qualify for the event. Al Kharaitiyat stunned them through Frenchman Sabri Lamouchi in the 37th minute. However, Qatar fought hard for a draw and found their saviour in Abdulla Al Kuwari, who equalised in the 87th minute.


Al Arabi scored a comfortable 2-0 win over Al Wakra. Al Arabi, who are famous for their bright red uniforms, were unstoppable at home. Al Wakra continued their heavy fluctuations in form. They could not withstand the Al Arabi onslaught and succumbed meekly.


At the end of the 25 weeks of the Qatar Stars League, Al Gharafa leads the table with 54 points. Al Sadd and Al Rayyan are six points behind (48 each) while Qatar Sports Club (41), Al Khor (34), Umm Salal (32), Al Wakra (27), Al Arabi (25), Al Sailiya (19) and al Kharaitiyat (15) follow.




0 0 0