Let’s talk about playing an online slot machine. How to play to WIN at the fruit machine?

A great many books have been written on the subject of slots, but they’re all about machines in brick-and-mortar casinos. With the arrival of the Internet and so many online casinos, let’s see how some proven playing strategies can be applied to online slot machines.


I had my first introduction to slots back in 1975 on my first trip to Las Vegas. Everything was altogether different then. I risked a whole $5 on a slot machine and cashed out after I’d lost $3.75. That was the extent of my wagering on that initial visit – but I was fascinated…and things soon changed…


Over many years of playing in casinos all over the continent and losing thousands of dollars, I smartened up, I’ve learned how to preserve my playing money. I still enjoy playing slots as much as ever, the anticipation of hitting that huge jackpot is still there. But now I don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to a casino anymore. I can choose from a wide variety of online slot machines right in my den, on my computer.


An online slot machine operates in exactly the same way as it’s cousins found in “real”, or land based casinos. Every slot machine contains a computer chip known as a Random Number Generator. It’s the device that controls the outcome of every spin. Since slots are computer driven they are ideally suited for the Internet.


Winning at slots is largely a matter of Luck, but you can help fickle Lady Luck along by aiming to make your money last longer. If you’ve wasted money before on worthless “slot secrets”, How to Really, Really Win at Slots is a new eBook packed with of no-nonsense tips and strategies for beating the machines. You’ll wish you had read this information a long time ago. Click for more details.


Meanwhile, here are some common-sense strategies you should use when playing onlines slot machines:


Risk Less – Play Longer


My strategies are designed to stretch your bankroll. Make the amount of money you start with last as long as possible. Start with the lowest coin size, switch to a higher denomination only if you’re winning. The longer you can play without risking any additional money of your own, the better your chance that you will line up that winning combination for a big payout.


Play the right machine


When trying to decide which online slot machine to play, consider the size of your bankroll and your priorities. If you are hoping for a very sizeable jackpot, make it a progressive machine. If you’d rather play for a longer period of time and would be happy with a modest win, then find an online slot machine with a relatively small jackpot, but with a paytable that offers a good range of small to medium Togel Hongkong payouts. …

Cara Judi Slot Online and Togel Hongkong



Kali ini agen 7mmbet akan menjelaskan Cara Judi Slot Online. Yang dikenal sebagai agen judi online di Internet yang sudah melayanin begitu banyak. Member setiap bulannya dan sebagai agen judi online yang terpercaya dan terbaik yang akan memberikan pelayanan yang paling. Maksimal kepada semua bettor yang ingin bermain ataupun bertaruh secara online melalui internet. Hanya dengan minimal deposit 50 ribu anda sudah bisa bermain. Maka bagi setiap member bisa bermain permainan apapun yang ditawarkan oleh 7mmbet com. Untuk pendaftaran member baru kami sudah menyediakan bank local dimana bank local yang sudah kami sediakan adalah. Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Bank BRI dan Bank Danamon. Dimana pada kesempatan yang sangat bagus ini kami sebagai agen resmi dari judi slot online. 7mmbet com akan memberikan sedikit Cara Judi Slot Online yang. Terbaik supaya anda bisa memenangkan permainan slot online. Sangat besar harapan kami apabila anda sudah membaca artikel ini. Dan anda akan keluar sebagai pemenang setiap harinya.


Cara Menang Judi Slot Online Part 1

Minimal anda harus mencari tweak untuk pembayaran. Terdapat bermacam – macam jenis mesin yang memang lebih banyak untuk payout. Ada beberapa jenis mesin yang sengaja di buat untuk pembayaran yang lebih probabilitas. Dengan memainkan sejumlah credit secara maksimal untuk mesin jackpot yang lebih progresif, seperti yang sudah kita ketahuai bahwa banyak sekali permainan judi mesin slot ini akan mengambil lebih dari satu buah koin dalam kurun waktu yang bersamaan, apabila anda permain yang pinter maka anda harus berusaha untuk mengambil sebuah kesempatan untuk mencapai kemenangan saat anda bermain judi slot online melalui internet.Memang pada umumnya dengan kita menempatkan koin yang besar didalam sebuah permainan dan kita juga akan membuahkan hasil kemenangan yang maksimal. Yang namanya jackpot pasti akan besar, sehingga dapat membuat para bettor menjadi tetarik untuk mendapatkan jackpot tersebut walaupun hanya satu kali.


Cara Menang Judi Slot Online Part 2

Anda harus bisa menentukan jumlah nilai taruhan anda dan tidak boleh mencapurkan uang pribadi anda dengan uang untuk berjudi anda. Cobalah anda habiskan sebagian sikit melalui Bankroll di setiap anda mendapatkan giliran bermain. Usahakan untuk membuat target untuk diri anda sendiri, apakah anda bermain hanya Togel Hongkong untuk happy – happy atau mencari keuntungan. Anda harus memiliki targe kemenangan dari hasil jackpot mesin slot online, apabila sudah mencapai target yang anda inginkan maka berhentilah bermain.


Cara Menang Judi Slot Online Part 3

Begitu banyak pemain game slot ini yang akan meninggalkan mesin slot pertama dan pindah ke mesin slot yang lain di karena mereka sudah berhasil mendapatkan kemenangan dari mesin slot pertama yang mereka mainkan. Seharusnya hal ini tidak boleh anda lakukan. Anda sudah membuat kesalahan apabila anda sudah mendapatkan kemenangan dimesin slot tersebut dan mesin slot tersebut tidak akan membayar anda lagi apabila anda terus bertahan di mesin slot tersebut. Mesin slot judi online gak akan pernah bisa mengingat kapan dia sudah membayar baik itu besar maupun kecil. Maka dari itu kami himbaukan bahwa untuk permainan judi slot online supaya anda tidak berpindah – pindah ke mesin yang lain.


Best Sport Book and Agen Bola for North American Gamblers?



Online sports bettors and casino gamblers are benefiting from the worlds of online casino gambling and sports wagering becoming more competitive. ( players benefit from its dynamic promotions and incentives, stemming from increasingly competitive online casino gambling and sports wagering industries.


“We’re relatively new to the market so we need to be aggressive with our incentives, promotions and loyalty programs,” says Marianne Anderson, Director of Marketing. “That’s why, for example, on Wednesdays we offer -105 lines on NBA, and dime lines during the baseball season.” has been up and running since 2003. It is legally approved from its premises in San Jose, Costa Rica, and realized pretty well from the start that it better be competitive or get off the Internet.


With its aggressive promotions and bonuses, seems prepared to shave its own profit line to attract new players.


For online punters wishing to get in on some high-paying Agen Bola propositions, offers some head-spinning parlays as well.


Anderson says the evolution of Internet technologies assures players they have nothing to worry about once they log on.


“We protect every banking transaction with state-of-the-art technology and encryption,” says Anderson.


As a relatively young kid on the block, apparently has a barrage of promotions to attract new customers.


“Deposit $100 and we give you $100, 25% bonus for referring friends,” says Anderson. “We’ll give 15% cash back on losses, up to $1,000 just for re-upping, $25 for filling out a survey, cash for your losing tickets from other sportsbooks, birthday bonuses and VIP gifts.”


Poll Shows Americans Are Against Ban On Internet Gambling says Wall Street Journal


A recent poll published by the Wall Street Journal on the possible ban of internet gambling shows that the vast majority of Americans are against the Congress latest attempts to ban online gaming.


“Voters are not only called to choose between freedom and control, but also between a form of government that respects individual liberties and a political stance that wants to empower the government of the decision process on behalf of American adults” says in its latest editorial on the anti internet gambling bills.


“My heart is Republican. I believe in the concepts of less government, more individual freedoms and lower taxes to reward the hard work of those individuals who want to make a difference in our society. I believe that our children deserve to inherit a better, safer and stronger America” says Roberto Castiglioni, founder of “and I can’t understand how can one call the current Arizona Senator a Republican when his first and foremost concern is to gain full control over how American adults spend their hard earned money”.


“Even online poker, a game of skills certainly not to be associated to gambling, is being targeted” says “this fact alone shows the real design these anti online gaming bills conceal; Its supporters simply want to patronize …

Online casino strategy – Togel Online



You probably know the system of winning at roulette, depending on the bids. The maximum benefit – so 35 of your rates (the number). Some online casino advertising to raise its rates to 40.


The minimum prize – 2 of your bet (red, black, clear Nechet, the first second-half, dozen). All other gains related to how much of the game board «cover» your bid. For example bet on the number 4 covers 1 / 9 of all numbers, and winning is 8 your bets, etc.

The system of the game is not about what number to place and in what order and what to place bets.

There is a system of rates, called «bid to increase». Meaning it is that each subsequent bid after losing to be better at certain times than the previous, just lost. In this case, when you win immediately return all lost money, plus the minimum bid, which started with.


This is a simple example, with rates doubling in the game for the Red / Black (2 win bets)


Rate Output Balance

1 loss -1

2 lose -3

4 lose -7

8 loss -15

16 lost -31

32 win 1


According to Togel Online statistics, the loss of all the numbers equiprobably when a large number of games. But since you do not play forever, but only a few dozens of games, the uniformity may not be viewable, who is as lucky. It is therefore necessary to create an artificial equitable distribution of results. In a small number of games created some «off» in the direction of any numbers. What then fell 10 times in the evening, which is never. If you bet on the «split», then the distribution of outcomes would be more uniform, the quartet – even more evenly, «six» – more uniform, etc. Results for the fourth – Nechet, red – the black will be almost equal – is chance of falling to 0486, ie almost half.

In other words, for that would win no coincidence, but with sufficient frequency, you should put on more probable events, such as clear-Nechet, red-black, half a dozen, 10, 8, 6 and 4 numbers.

To preserve the «status quo», must take into account the ratio of rates and the value gains, as well as the likelihood of his deposition. If you win more bids in 2 times, it should play at least a Double rates. Increasing the multiplicity of rates increases the ultimate prize.


Rate Output Balance

1 loss -1

3 lose -4

9 loss -13

27 win +14


If the value exceeds the winning bid for example, 4 times (you play at number 8, the likelihood of falling 2 / 9), the rate does not necessarily double or triple. It can be increased more smoothly, such as 1.5 times.


Rate Output Balance

1 loss -1

1,5 losing -2.5

2,5 lose -5

3,5 losing -8.5

5,5 losing -14

9 loss -23

14 lost -37

21 win +26


Online Togel Hari Ini Casino Review, Rewarding




32Red Casino is based on the British in Gibraltar, who want to offer the best casino online experience. Are all casino games can expect to find an online casino such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette and much more for any number of options to choose from, as well as a number of gaming machines.


Welcome Bonus when you sign up with online casino 32Red you can claim a welcome bonus up to € 100 free. Their welcome bonus is 100% is to double your first deposit up to € 100. The bonus of € 100 Welcome to the slots only, which means that to qualify to be bound by the slot machines, slot machines, keno and scratch cards.


32Red offer a € 50 welcome bonus for new players much less restrictions on what games you can play the bonus. In principle, you can play all the games that have only a handful of exceptions. Both the bonus wagering requirement is 25 times the deposit and bonus before the first combined winnings can be withdrawn.


Bonus customers with regular monthly 32Red can enjoy a bonus of £ 50 per month. Bonuses are by invitation only, and customers have invested more than £ 100 of their own money to receive an invitation. There is also a work requirement that players must do everything in year 2000 GBP in Paris after receiving the bonus before winnings can be withdrawn.


Alternative Mobile Casino

After the appearance of the first online casino for about ten years ago, players have been waiting for the development of new software can be downloaded from the advanced versions of mobile phones, smartphones and communicators. This has not happened so long ago, and now the mobile casino industry gaining momentum.


Although the selection of mobile casino games is rather limited, active development of this area gives a lot of hope, choice and quality of specific software for mobile phones in the near future.


But now, fans of paris online games you can play traditional casino (roulette, blackjack, videpoker, keno, baccarat, and several places) and, of course, the latest trend is mobile poker. To do this, simply find the online casinos or mobile connection via your mobile phone. All they have to choose your favorite game and download their software. All hands must be one of the latest models, if you have any problems with the games. In case of support issues quickly casino that will provide the necessary assistance. You can use the computer as an intermediary and with the help of your PC to download the necessary files, but you need the phone to get the download link.


Once you’ve downloaded, you must register at the casino to access your account. Once you are registered, it would be easier to download the full range of games.


But never in a hurry to deposit money into an account. Remember, the most important feature of the mobile …

Ethereum’s SuperDAO Early Bird Pre-Sale Token Access to Crypto Gambling



SuperDAO organization; a group of veteran Ethereum developers and technologists, has provided a brand new Metamask compatible tool to access its early bird token pre-sale along with a tutorial. The organization has also recently completed a 5-week training program to on-board more developers for inclusionary Meetup effort in Nigeria.


According to the press-release, the organization has also acquired prime tier developer talent including alumni from Uber, New York Times, and Google to work on a new dapp that is set to be launched around their new Timeline.


The new dapp will encourage passive and active contribution from end users with tokens proportional to effort, rather than the normal route of an unnecessary dapp token ”ICO”, that naturally creates barrier to entry and adoption. It will offer more benefits to both old and new Superneum token owners, who will be able to use Superneum to unlock more advantages of the platform.


There are currently 12 software developers working on a new dapp that will be released following internal and external trials. Although SuperDAO did not unveil additional details regarding the dapp, the dapp will be providing a clear and immediate value proposition to users and an incentive to backers of the organization bolstering the value of SuperDAO’s software protocols tokens; Superneums.


With the team’s history within the Ethereum community it has been carefully building its human capital with support from a few current token holders, and is now heavily armed to execute and accomplish its goals. From Oladapo [the organization’s founder] in a blog post:


“The break in development momentum has been quite painful, but it was necessary. Now we have the organizational power to deliver on actual working projects that will drain the value out of over inflated and gimmicky ICO-only projects,” said Oladapo Ajayi, the founder and CEO of SuperDAO.


The company is also working on Pokereum, a decentralized poker dapp that uses smart contract and cryptography technology to provide efficient, provably fair, secure, and decentralized global poker platform. It is the first and most mature poker program on the Ethereum platform, which has already attracted interest from a number of major brands in the online poker industry.


“We can’t name names because contracts and arrangements are not yet finalized, but we are working with a handful of key house-hold brands in the existing poker space who are interested in collaborating with us and our shadow poker solution once Pokereum is released,” Oladapo said.


More Crypto Gambling developers, new decentralized applications. A renewed vigor fueling the vision of SuperDAO… These all represent new exciting opportunities for existing and future Superneum backers. SuperDAO is now also pointing to its early bird, seed based token pre-sale to onboard as many backers as possible before the deployment of all the scheduled products in the pipeline.


The early bird token contains a 40% discount to the actual re-scheduled crowdfunding, at which time the governance code and state shift, the new dapp and …

Bodog unveils new Togel deposit method



Online casino and sportsbetting giant is to offer players in the US some welcome respite from the recent problems plaguing online gambling deposits. has taken the lead in many new developments in the online gambling industry, and the introduction of NuCharge, an advanced and secure method to make deposits, is no exception.

Through NuCharge, an efficient way of making a credit card deposit into an electronic wallet, players can deposit money securely at’s sportsbook, casino and poker cashier.

System users can simply buy prepaid long distance phone time from NuCharge in $100, $200 or $300 batches, which can be instantly substituted for an equal amount in eCash at

NuCharge issues each customer with a PIN and control number. Players can access the NuCharge registration service via the cashier.


South Korea Warns Internet Casino Operators


Apparently, online Togel gambling via the Internet is also HUGE in South Korea. On this story, police locate Chinese casino operators out of Hong Kong based servers.


The Pusan Metropolitan Police Agency said on Sunday they are searching for five people suspected of operating illegal international gambling Web sites.


According to the police, the suspects, who are living in China, opened two gambling Web sites using Hong Kong servers in April 2004. They collected more than 20,000 Korean members through advertisements using cell phone text messages and provided them with online gambling venues for poker and “go-stop,’’ the Korean card game.


The money involved totaled 13.5 billion won, the police said.


Gamblers sent cash to the operators’ bank accounts, who in turn provided them with game money, taking 8 percent of the cash as commission.


According to the police the five operators are members of the same family and were punished in 2001 for operating a gambling Web site in Korea. They then went to Shenzhen, China where they continued to run their illegal gambling business.


The police also charged 76 people who they say regularly logged onto the Web sites and gambled including a doctor, a company executive, a housewife, and a college student.


“They gambled on the sites for more than a month spending more than 2 million won each. Most of them were not aware that gambling on the Internet is subject to the country’s gambling laws,’’ a police officer said.


The police asked Interpol for help in arresting the operators as they are living overseas. full story


Cara Meraih Keuntungan dan persiapan Bandarqq Judi Online SBOBET



Cara Meraih Keuntungan dan persiapan Judi Online SBOBETTentu saja sebagai player pasti mau mencari keuntungan sebesar-besarnya di website judi online. Berikut artikel ini akan membahas cara meraih keuntungan sebesar-besarnya dengan Agen website online dan SBOBET.

Berikut pembahasan, yaitu:


  1. Memiliki I’d Pribadi Terlebih Dahulu


terlebih dahulu anda harus memiliki akun sendiri. Jika anda masih belum memilikinya silahkan cari Agen yang bisa dipercaya terlebih dahulu khususnya AREATARUHAN.NET untuk membantu kita mendapatkan i’d untuk melakukan betting ke SBOBET. anda tidak perlu report-repot karena agen tersebut akan membantu kita untuk membuatkan akun dengan segera lebih kurang 5-10 menit hanya dengan komunikasi langsung (LiveChat) dengan anggota CS pada agen website tersebut


  1. Judi Online bukan hanya sekedar Keberuntungan

Ingatlah bahwa keberuntungan bukanlah segalanya, Sewaktu bermain anda harus menggunakan seluruh kemampuan anda dan specialis anda dalam game yang anda tekuni atau menjadi favorit anda. ingatlah beruntung hanya sebuah bonus.


  1. Jangan lewatkan info dan promosi terbaru dari permainan judi online

ingatlah bahwa kita harus mengambil seluruh keuntungan semaksimal mungkin.


  1. Memasang Taruhan dengan Sangat Teliti

tentu saja anda harus memasang taruhan anda dengan sangat hati-hati.Apabila anda bisa memasang taruhan tersebut dengan waspada dan selalu melakukan analisa sebelumnya, maka hal tersebut akan membantu anda untuk bisa Bandarqq menang dengan mudah


  1. Jangan Takut Melawan Bandar atau Bettor lainnya

Dalam Permainan judi online, Anda harus bermain dengan mental yang sudah kuat. Karena kita memiliki kekuatan ahli betting kita sendiri dan keberuntungan tidak selamanya berpihak pada mereka.


Sekilas Artikel kami membahas tentang Persiapan dan Keuntungan bermain dengan SBOBET.

Semoga bermanfaat dan Terima kasih.…




Agen betting menawarkan ulasan judi tentang banyak hal yang akan bisa membuat anda lebih betah judi di dunia maya. Kita tentunya sudah selalu bermain permainan judi online, dan dalam bermain permainan judi online, permainan judi online yang selalu kita sudah mainkan ialah bermain permainan judi online secara manual atau bermain permainan judi online rumahan. Di dalam bermain permainan judi online rumahan memang bermain permainan ini tak bisa menawarkan banyak kentungan bagi kita.


Banyak hal yang bisa menjadikan kita lebih gampang kalau saat ini kita berusaha untuk bermain judi di internet yang memang menjadi macam permainan judi online yang paling nyaman untuk dimainkan. Di dalam hal bermain judi di internet saat ini memang sangat banyak hal yang bisa menjadikan kita lebih betah dalam berusaha bermain judi di internet.


Bermain judi di internet yang sangat banyak layanan, banyak layanan yang di sediakan dan juga sangat banyak berita yang kita temukan dan tentunya juga tentang hal yang bisa menjadikan kita lebih aman oleh sebab itu hal ini lah yang dapat menjadikan semakin banyak pemain judi online yang senang dengan bermain permainan judi online lebih memilih untuk bermain judi secara online. banyak nya layanan dalam bermain permainan judi online secara online juga bisa diperoleh dalam sebuah agen taruhan judi online yang Judi Online dapat di percaya dan juga handal.


Agen Casino Online Teraman dan Terpercaya di Indonesia


Siapa yang tidak tahu Casino ? Saya rasa semua orang hampir tau apa itu Casino. Casino merupakan tempat / gedung yang melakukan dan menyediakan aktivitas perjudian. Permainan judi terkenal yang ada di Casino yaitu : Baccarat, Roulette, Sic-Bo, Dragon-Tiger, Poker dan Slot.


Seiring berkembangnya teknologi, saat ini semua permainan yang ada di atas bisa kalian mainkan secara online baik dari Laptop/Komputer, Tablet/iPad dan Smart Phone “Android & IOS”. Jadi kalian bisa mainkan kapan saja dan dimana saja. Ga perlu lagi tuh keluar negri untuk main casino.


Nah disini kita mau merefrensikan Agen Casino Online Teraman dan Terpercaya di Indonesia :


Kenapa harus Vegas855 ? Dan apa keuntungannya ?


  1. Cara daftar nya sangat mudah. Jika masih belum bisa juga, kalian bisa minta bantuan CSnya untuk mendaftarkan.
  2. Minimal Depo dan Wede hanya 25ribu saja, serta prosesnya cepat dan aman.
  3. Didukung Bank lokal Indonesia seperti BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, Danamon dan CIMB Niaga tapi Vegas855 juga menerima bank lain, baik Bank Daerah maupun Bank Swasta.
  4. Customer Service nya online 24jam nonstop dan pastinya ramah serta siap membantu kesulitan kalian.
  5. Semua permainannya bisa di mainkan di Android dan IOS.
  6. Semua Permainannya di ambil dan di siarkan secara Live/Langsung.
  7. Memberikan Bonus Spesial yang sangat menarik.



We merupakan anak perusahaan dari yang bergerak khsus di Situs Casino Online. Jadi kalian ga perlu ragu lagi dengan Agen Casino Online yang satu ini, karena lah induk perusahaan mereka. Mau menang berapapun ga akan takut kita, karena pasti di bayar. Kalian bisa tanyakan langsung deh ke pihak.


Kenapa saya berkata seperti itu, karena sangat penting memilih Agen Casino Online Terpercaya.  Kalian …

Four Ways to Get the Best Inside Joka Casino Tips and Hints



It’s a situation familiar to just about any seasoned gamer; at one stage in their career or another; sitting around the table, playing hand after hand and losing each one. Either that or sitting, stone-faced by the side of the roulette wheel, a passive spectator watching everybody else reap the rewards.


As you’re watching, you start wishing, don’t you? Wishing that you knew what they did, that you could get your hands on some of those secret techniques and top tips that the most successful casino players use to take home those huge jackpots night after night after night.


If only you could learn something from them, if only you could figure out the secrets of their success, you’d no longer be a passive spectator at the roulette wheel nor a chronic Poker loser; you’d be like they are; winners, a success at your favourite game, going home at the end of another good session with pockets bursting at the seams with your loot.


The good news is that getting your hands on this insider info isn’t that hard. The bad news however, is that we’re not going to reveal it all here. Why not? Because there are simply so many that if we started giving away everything we knew, this article would probably go on forever.


So instead, we’re going to do the next best thing, and simply tell you four places you can go after reading this article to start discovering those secret inside casino tips and hints that the most successful players seem to have been keeping to themselves.


Online tutorials

The truth is, most of the top casino players aren’t actually all that precious about their tricks of their trade. Either because they’ve long since retired and no longer care, or simply because they want to help others enjoy the same levels of success that they have, these seasoned pros often take to the web to spill their secrets in a wealth of online tutorials which often range from basic beginners’ guides to the kind of expert advice you can use to really improve your game.


Watch and learn

Though sitting through an online Joka Casino tutorial may be an easier way to pick up a few insider tips, the process of following step-by-step instructions is, admittedly, not for everyone. If that’s the case with you, then you might be glad to know that there is an alternative; simply sit back, watch the masters at work and study their techniques carefully. Take part in games sure, but perhaps go in not with the expectation of landing a winner, but rather seeing it as an opportunity to study your fellow players -especially those you know have a reputation for success- and see what you can pick up.


Ask the experts

Of course, saying all this is to overlook what is perhaps the best way to learn those casino player tips; just ask those who are using them. ‘Yeah …

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