Butterbean to Become Pragmatic Golden Palace Billboard

NORFOLK, Va., July 26 /PRNewswire/ — Since the first GoldenPalace.com henna tattoo appeared on the back on Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins during his title match against Felix “Tito” Trinidad on September 29, 2001, the innovative campaign has snowballed into a marketing phenomenon.

Now the casino’s artist will really earn her pay as she tattoos plus-size boxer Eric “Butterbean” Esch (35) for his fight against Larry Holmes (52) on Saturday 27, 2002 at the Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA. Evidently GoldenPalace.com believes that size indeed does matter. As Esch has by far the largest real estate available in the boxing community, it was only a matter of time before GoldenPalace.com rented the space.

Holmes will be coming out of retirement for the second time to fight Esch whom he refers to in his autobiography as a “fat slob impersonating a fighter.” Holmes says the comment was added by his co-author and that anyone willing to get into the ring is worthy of his respect.

Holmes has a career record of 68-6 with 44 knockouts. He has only been knocked out once in his career, by Mike Tyson in 1988. Esch has a 63-2 record with 48 knockouts.

Appearing on the undercard is Jacqui Frazier-Lyde, daughter of former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier, against Heidi Hartmann.

UltimateBet.com and World Poker Tour Team for Televised Event

KAHNAWAKE, Canada, July 30 /PRNewswire/ — UltimateBet.com(TM), the premier online poker site, has joined The World Poker Tour to help bring poker to a mainstream television audience. Played by over 50 million Americans, the nation’s most popular card game is poised to become the next major mainstream sport on television. The World Poker Tour will be the first regularly scheduled televised series of poker events in history, with production values equivalent to network sports programming. The season will consist of thirteen nationally televised poker events filmed in casinos around the world, from Los Angeles to Paris, where finalists compete for multi-million dollar prize pools.

As a charter member of The World Poker Tour, UltimateBet is hosting a unique event by combining online and land-based play to create a distinctive poker experience. Players will first qualify online at UltimateBet for one of 86 free trips to Aruba for their Ultimate Poker Classic’s $100,000 main event, which will be played and filmed for national television. Several world-class poker players have also accepted UltimateBet’s invitation to play in the UltimateBet Pro Celebrity Invitational in Aruba. The Pragmatic winner of the Pro Invitational will play the winner of the Ultimate Poker Classic $100,000 main event, which will pit amateur vs. professional in a situation most amateur poker players will only dream about: going heads up against one of the world’s best!

“We are extremely pleased to have UltimateBet.com join us as one of our Charter Member events,” said Steve Lipscomb, CEO of the World Poker Tour. “With their unique David and Goliath format pitting the little player against the pros, UltimateBet’s tournament provides an exciting and dramatic twist for our television audience.”

UltimateBet and its parent company, eWorld Holdings, are focused on providing a worldwide community of skill game players with exciting and secure environments in which they can interact. The WPT is a joint venture between Chief Executive Officer Steven Lipscomb, an accomplished television creator and award-winning filmmaker, and Lakes Gaming, Inc., whose founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lyle Berman, is a world-renowned poker player and accomplished business man.



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