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Last year, more than 800 people crammed into Binion’s to play in the main event at the World Series of Poker, a $10,000 no-limit hold ’em tournament simply called “The Big One.” This year, 2,576 wannabe champions entered the event (a byproduct of the poker craze/addiction that many have caught glimpses of on cable or Judi Online24jam read about). It was a lot to take in, and Williams wasn’t sure he was ready. He’d never played in a tournament half that size. Months before the WSOP, he won an online tourney that qualified him for a World Poker Tour event in Aruba. He and Brittany packed their bags and hopped a flight for what he hoped would be quality poker against quality competition. And it was. The bummer was that he lasted only a few hours before getting eliminated.


“That was disappointing because of the way I finished,” Williams says. “I don’t think I played badly, but I only played for, like, three hours. There wasn’t much to it.”


It didn’t affect his confidence so much as it made him realize how good and lucky you have to be. When he qualified for The Big One by winning an online tournament that offered the $10,000 WSOP entry fee as its prize, he resigned himself to playing without adding too much pressure. That was the plan, anyway.


When he arrived at Binion’s that first day, he had to wade through a sea of people just to get to his table. In addition to the thousands of players, there was a crush of spectators and friends and poker freaks who came to watch the spectacle. Security guards had to holler “player coming through” to part the masses. Williams and his buddy Noah Boeken, who was also in Vegas to play in the WSOP, remarked on the energy in the Judi Online24jam casino–a din saturated the air like humidity.


Williams was calm at the tables, fine as long as there was a dealer and cards in front of him and chips to win. The breaks between rounds were the killers. He had too much time to think about the enormity of it all. He’s usually a big eater, but during the WSOP he hardly ate–maybe half a sandwich or a few sips of soup each day. He slept less than six hours a night.


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