Lotsaloot Microgaming: Jackpot Winner Establishes New World Ligaz11 Record!

Microgaming (www.microgaming.com) announced this week that lucky online slots player Jean G. has established a new world record for the most times a single player has won a progressive online jackpot.


A busy mother and Parts Manager for a car dealership, Jean won the first time on Lotsaloot August 14, 2000, winning $27,476.30 at Casino Fortune, one of over 60 casinos that feature Microgaming’s online progressives. Then on the 23rd of August, she won a massive $87,410.80 – again at Casino Fortune – and on August 30th, she hit a big Lotsaloot Jackpot of $39,629.53 at Royal Vegas, another online casino powered by Microgaming.

On 21st September, Jean won another impressive Jackpot of $64,731.32 and on November 4th she won $68,562.14, both at Casino Fortune.


In an exclusive interview following her November win, Jean ecstatically said, “If I win again I will get a tattoo with the Lotsaloot logo on it!!!”


On 25th, January, Jean again hit the Lotsaloot Jackpot at Casino Fortune, winning $17,353.64, bringing her total Lotsaloot Jackpot winnings in a 6-month period to an incredible $305,163.73.

True to her word, Jean reports that she will be getting the Lotsaloot logo tattooed on her shoulder!


Thrilled winner Jean tells us that the wins really changed her life, “It is nice to not have to worry about your bills, it is stressful when you are living week to week, so the Ligaz11 winnings helped me to live a stress-free life from that end. So now I am happy. Also, now I can go into a store and buy something that I need or want, when before the winnings, just like most people I had to think twice.”


Jean also claims that the secret to her success is to stay with one game, and hers is LotsaLoot! “I stay right there where I am playing, if you leave, you lose your chance of winning it back, but if you stay you may lose money at first but then you can always win it back.”


About LotsaLoot:

Lotsaloot (www.lotsaloot.com) is a unique online progressive slot machine developed by Microgaming, the leader in online casino systems. It is a $0.25 cent, 3-reel slot with a 5 line payout and is connected to multiple casinos powered by Microgaming’s advanced casino systems.

It is one of 5 exciting progressive games supported by Microgaming’s JackpotMadness.com portal.

New casinos are joining this system and continuously adding to the overall jackpot being offered to Lotsaloot players. Lotsaloot accumulates deposits from it’s players at all participating casinos and creates a single, giant jackpot. Lotsaloot is backed by PlayCheck and Cashcheck which enables players to obtain a complete history of their game play for up to 7 days after they have finished playing.


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