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You probably know the system of winning at roulette, depending on the bids. The maximum benefit – so 35 of your rates (the number). Some online casino advertising to raise its rates to 40.


The minimum prize – 2 of your bet (red, black, clear Nechet, the first second-half, dozen). All other gains related to how much of the game board «cover» your bid. For example bet on the number 4 covers 1 / 9 of all numbers, and winning is 8 your bets, etc.

The system of the game is not about what number to place and in what order and what to place bets.

There is a system of rates, called «bid to increase». Meaning it is that each subsequent bid after losing to be better at certain times than the previous, just lost. In this case, when you win immediately return all lost money, plus the minimum bid, which started with.


This is a simple example, with rates doubling in the game for the Red / Black (2 win bets)


Rate Output Balance

1 loss -1

2 lose -3

4 lose -7

8 loss -15

16 lost -31

32 win 1


According to Togel Online statistics, the loss of all the numbers equiprobably when a large number of games. But since you do not play forever, but only a few dozens of games, the uniformity may not be viewable, who is as lucky. It is therefore necessary to create an artificial equitable distribution of results. In a small number of games created some «off» in the direction of any numbers. What then fell 10 times in the evening, which is never. If you bet on the «split», then the distribution of outcomes would be more uniform, the quartet – even more evenly, «six» – more uniform, etc. Results for the fourth – Nechet, red – the black will be almost equal – is chance of falling to 0486, ie almost half.

In other words, for that would win no coincidence, but with sufficient frequency, you should put on more probable events, such as clear-Nechet, red-black, half a dozen, 10, 8, 6 and 4 numbers.

To preserve the «status quo», must take into account the ratio of rates and the value gains, as well as the likelihood of his deposition. If you win more bids in 2 times, it should play at least a Double rates. Increasing the multiplicity of rates increases the ultimate prize.


Rate Output Balance

1 loss -1

3 lose -4

9 loss -13

27 win +14


If the value exceeds the winning bid for example, 4 times (you play at number 8, the likelihood of falling 2 / 9), the rate does not necessarily double or triple. It can be increased more smoothly, such as 1.5 times.


Rate Output Balance

1 loss -1

1,5 losing -2.5

2,5 lose -5

3,5 losing -8.5

5,5 losing -14

9 loss -23

14 lost -37

21 win +26


The same, but with a tripling of rates will provide:


Rate Output Balance

1 loss -1

3 lose -4

9 loss -13

27 lost -40

81 lose -121

243 lose -364

729 lose -1093

2187 win 5468


As seen jackpot is significantly higher, but reserves for the game requires a much more significant.


Therefore, what the rate of growth rates and choose what combination play, more or less likely – each addressing himself to his money and excitement. Pefkohori evening – another with a calculator can draw several scenarios of the game for different situations. If this should be borne in mind that the online casino is usually the minimum and maximum rates and the rate of growth rates should not put her in favor of the maximum of three excess probability of fallout that combination.

Ie if the maximum rate in online casinos 2000, and the likelihood of falling such as 1 / 3 (for a dozen or 2 shesterok), you have to do a minimum of 8-9 iterations to increase rates before it upretsya in the limit of $ 2000. During this time you are guaranteed to win at least once and will return a loss, as well as receive a small profit.

When the winning bid next again becomes a minimum, should either stop the game – you «in the black».

Of course, such a game, with a slight excess of income over rate did not specifically call azartnoy. Much more effective and efficient place to «Zero» $ 100 and «ogresti» 3500. But it is – a case lottery. And I had a conversation that would be a good time and do not at a loss.


Since winning in such a system virtually guaranteed, though not great, and he miscalculate. For the azarta increase and tickle nerves can be set from the outset what a little chip on which a number, «for good luck». When vypadenii it once you get a 35-fold the amount bid. And even if nevypadenii for all games – losses will be absorbed gains from the main game.



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